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X-HUB TOKYO is an exchange platform where entrepreneurs and innovators from Tokyo with global aims come together with individuals involved in innovation ecosystems around the globe. X-HUB TOKYO will offer opportunities to access global market and information to entrepreneurs with potential to launch a global startup from Tokyo.

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US West Coast Expansion Support Course

Period:Approx. 3 months (Late June – Mid-September 2018)
No. of Selected Companies:5 (approx.)
Venue:Listed in Program Overview. * Location may vary depending on specific program.
Application Deadline:May 20, 2018 (Sun.)
Course is held in Tokyo, and is not an overseas employment program.

This course is intended for entrepreneurs who are in the preparatory stages of overseas expansion, and offers support for establishing a business presence on the US West Coast, which is at the forefront of technological development.
Due to the high concentration of global technology companies in its Silicon Valley, the US West Coast is often called the Promised Land of global innovation. Additionally, the area has constructed its ecosystem with a focus on private enterprise, and boasts many support institutions like VC firms and accelerators. But even in that environment, the San Francisco area stands out thanks to its high concentration of companies making use of cutting-edge AI technology, and its accelerators/incubators specializing in the fields of healthcare and medicine.
In light of the above, we have invited accelerators and venture capitalists from the US West Coast (the San Francisco area) so that the program participants can receive overseas expansion feedback tailored to their business fields and growth stages. At the same time, we will actively help the participants kickstart their expansion by providing business matching services which will connect them with local enterprises. (Matching Program)
In addition, at the beginning of the program, participants will receive support from experts, including legal advice necessary for overseas expansion, as well as a refresher course in English communication. (Preliminary Support Program)

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