• Singapore

    Singapore Business Expansion Support Course

    Period:Approx. 3 months (April 16, 2018 - Late July 2018)
    No. of Selected Companies:5 (approx.)
    Focus Areas:Healthcare, IoT * The above list isn't exclusive and is not intended to preclude applications from Tokyo venture businesses that are involved in other fields/areas.
    Venue:Listed in Program Overview. * Location may vary depending on specific program.
    Application Deadline:March 18, 2018 (Sun.)
    Course is held in Tokyo, and is not an overseas employment program.

    This course is intended for entrepreneurs who are in the preparatory stages of overseas expansion, and offers support for establishing a business presence in Singapore, a major hub for expansion in Southeast Asia.
    Singapore boasts a government-led ecosystem developed under its "Smart Nation" government initiative. In addition, it has placed second in the global "2018 Ease of Doing Business Rankings" published by the World Bank, and is currently involved in country-wide efforts to attract more companies from overseas. For example, thanks to the Government of Singapore's support of proof-of-concept tests for a wide range of new technologies, it has become easy for venture companies engaging in new and innovative business endeavors to expand in the region.
    In light of the above, we have invited accelerators and venture capitalists from Singapore to Tokyo so that the program participants can receive overseas expansion feedback tailored to their business fields and growth stages. At the same time, we will actively help the participants kickstart their expansion by providing business matching services which will connect them with local enterprises. (Matching Program)
    In addition, at the beginning of the program, participants will receive support from experts, including legal advice necessary for overseas expansion, as well as a refresher course in English communication. (Preliminary Support Program)


  • Germany,Berlin Munich

    Business expansion support course — Germany, Berlin・Munich

    Period:About 3 months(from mid-January 2018 to late-March 2018)
    No. of Selected Companies:About 5
    Focus Areas:Automotive, Software ※Industries other than these two areas are welcomed as well.
    Venue:Mentioned in the overview ※The location is subject to change.
    Application Deadline:Friday, December 3rd, 2017 ※Application is closed

    In this course, we will invite following key institutions from Germany, Berlin/Munich to Tokyo: venture capitalists and accelerators who match business areas and stages of participants, who can help them expand their businesses to one of European leading innovation ecosystems.

    This will provide program recipients with an opportunity for business matching with German key people and essential partner acquisition to step foot in there even in Tokyo.
    Moreover, participants can receive mentoring at a global level which will lead to further understandings of local businesses and their own growth opportunities.

    During the program period, assistance will also be offered that includes legal support to local expansion and professional help with polishing English communication skills.


  • US East Coast

    Support Course for Expansion to the East Coast, USA

    Application is closed

    Period:Approx. 3 months (October 30, 2017 (Mon.)–mid-January 2018)
    No. of Selected Companies:Around 5 companies
    Focus Areas:Media, Fintech, Cleantech, Healthtech
    Venue:Location designated by the Administration Office (in Tokyo)
    Application Deadline:October 15, 2017 (Fri.)
    ※Application is closed

    This course will be implemented together with the local X-HUB TOKYO partner, Venture Café Global Institute (VCGI), which is an innovation community located in the world’s largest facility housing startups, Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). The course invites to Japan local key persons in innovation eco systems, such as accelerators and venture capitalists, and provides seminars and mentoring to program recipients. In addition, the approximately 3-month course will offer support for expanding to the East Coast of the United States, such as opportunities to participate in acceleration programs. During the program period, assistance will also be offered that includes legal support indispensable to local expansion and professional help with polishing English communication skills.