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Sep 02, 2020

EVENT|Open for entries: How to leverage the European Startup Ecosystem

Different startup ecosystems are being built in different areas of Europe, such as London, one of the world‘s leading financial cities; Paris, home to one of the world’s largest incubation facilities; and Berlin and Munich, where unicorns have emerged due to their decentralized industrial structure.

At this event, Mr. Keiichiro Yano, who has been supporting startups to expand into Europe and has experience in both Japan and Europe, will talk about the realities of successes and failures of expanding into Europe, as well as what startups should know and latest trends in light of the impact of the COVID-19.

In addition, Mr. Ajay Chainani and Ms. Ayumi Ode from 500 Startups, which has a global presence, will share tips on how to pitch overseas that startups should keep in mind if they want to go abroad.

We look forward to seeing you, not only from startups, but also from supporters and institutions!

▼Event Outline▼
Date:Oct,5th 2020 18:00~21:00
Entry fee:Free


・X-HUB Program Overview X-HUB Administrative Office
・Introduction of German Ecosystem
・How to leverage the European Startup Ecosystem
SWAT Lab Inc./Co Founder Mr. Keiichiro Kay Yano
・Overseas pitch strategies that Startups from Japan need to keep in mind
500 Startups Kobe/ EIR Mr. Ajay Chainani
500 Startups/ Japan Country Lead Ms. Ayumi Ode


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