Released:Interview with Tokyo Metropolitan Government personnel | 【 東京都主催 】 東京と世界を繋ぐイノベーションプラットフォーム「X-HUB TOKYO」


Nov 17, 2017

CONTENTS|Released:Interview with Tokyo Metropolitan Government personnel

Interview article of Ms. Junko Tashiro of Tokyo Metropolitan Government who is in charge of X-HUB TOKYO has been released.

Why did Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) decide to train and support global start-ups while the private sector has been showing excitement for startups?

Ms.Tashiro has led the launch of “Tokyo Metropolitan Entrepreneurship NET”, a start-up support site, and the planning of “Startup Hub Tokyo” in Marunouchi. We interviewed Ms. Tashiro who is currently engaged in the entrepreneurship support of TMG about the reasons and aims for launching X-HUB TOKYO and future prospects.

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