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Nov 09, 2017

EVENT|Open for entries:How To Hire Expert European or Asian Expatriates To Increase Your Business’s Global Success

Applications are now being accepted for X-HUB TOKYO’s very special 2-hour event on November 14th at 19:00-21:00. This event is being hosted for the first time ever by Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government.

X-HUB TOKYO’s event is right for you if you want to gain crucial insights into fulfilling your business’s hiring needs to successfully expand your business globally. You will be able to network to the right human resources.

This special event is being given by two experts who will introduce you to the best practices for hiring top talent from Europe and Asia. You will also learn how to maximize utilizing these work force professionals plus identify potential future problems.

Our Two Esteemed Lecturers Are:
Mr. Koshi – CEO of TalentEX that’s aggressively hiring professionals from Thailand
Mr Ogawa – CEO of Sky Light Consulting that is hiring professionals from Russia and Asia

Date: 14th of November
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: plug and play Shibuta
Admission capacity: limited seating at 50 Maximum Attendees
1. TalentExA: Mr. Koshi, Yojiro(Co funder & CEO)
2. Skylight consulting: Mr. Ogawa, Ikuo
3. Deloitte: Mr. Ono, Yuki(Head/ global business expansion division)

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