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【2020】 Global Startups (FinTech Course)

  • Artivatic Data Labs Private Limited.

    Name of Representative:Layak Singh

    Artivatic Data Labs Private Limited. provide transforming health & insurance using AI. We at Artivatic are constantly building low-cost, modular API infrastructure so that businesses /hospitals can go live in a matter of days, not months. Artivatic is developing its proprietary cutting-edge solutions to enable enterprises for 1 Billion people to get access to insurance, financial and health benefits with alternative data sources to increase their productivity, efficiency, automation power, and profitability, hence improving their way of doing business more intelligently seamlessly. Artivatic offers medical digitization, underwriting, distribution, sales, agent efficiency, and more.

  • CoverGo Limited.

    Name of Representative:Tomas Holub

    CoverGo Limited is an award-winning insurance technology company that provides insurance enterprise software solutions to insurers, MGAs, brokers and bancassurance in Asia and beyond. CoverGo is the first fully configurable, modular, no-code insurance platform for omni-channel distribution, policy admin, claims and new product launch. Powered by more than 500 insurance APIs, CoverGo’s end-to-end solution for the digitization and automation of all insurance processes is known for not only record speed-to-market, but also maximum flexibility and scalability.

  • DirectPay (Pvt) Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Kanishka Weeramunda

    DirectPay is a Sri Lankan startup that is solving the problem of getting paid. We believe that payment is always a byproduct of some other transaction and we are addressing how to pursue that payment digitally. It could be either through a mobile-based payment app, an Internet payment gateway, a payment link to receive remote payments, subscription payments where there’s a recurring revenue or it could be a bill settlement. Whichever it is, we ensure a seamless journey to customers or service providers, covering the entire payment ecosystem.

  • EMALI.IO Limited.

    Name of Representative:Lawrence Ma

    EMALI.IO Limited is a multiple international award-winning Hong Kong-based Regtech company founded in August of 2016. EMALI focuses on developing products that improve trust, accountability, transparency and privacy. EMALI offers a suite of cryptographic privacy preserving tools to build trusted regtech applications for the financial & public sectors from PoC, pilot and live projects. EMALI’s R&D team consists of 6 doctoral experts in Cryptography, Security, Privacy, Fintech/Regtech, Legal/Governance and Blockchain. EMALI currently operates globally in 6 countries and growing, with strategic partnerships with IBM, Algorand, McKinsey & Co and more.

  • HedgeSPA Pte. Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Bernard Lee

    The HedgeSPA core investment platform is powered by AI, Big Data, and High-Performance/Quantum Computing. The platform allows professional asset managers to automate many day-to-day functions, from asset selection, portfolio rebalancing, trade execution to investor reporting. These capabilities allow the creation of institutional investment portfolios with as much as 15% of outperformance in 4.5 months even during COVID lockdown months. Our out-of-the-box solution comes with data and transaction connectivity from partners such as the Swiss Exchange and R3/Corda, as well as back-end connectors to the popular back-end core banking systems.

  • Helios P2P

    Name of Representative:Nuzhi Meyen

    Helios P2P are Sri Lanka’s first online peer-to-peer marketplace that solves the need of short-to medium term loans of consumers by connecting lender with borrowers for fast and convenient loans and attractive returns for lenders, at a time when interest rates are low globally, promoting financial inclusiveness. We plan to be the Uber for consumer credit finance and our vision is to democratize consumer credit. We have facilitated more than 28 million LKR worth of loans so far and intend to promote sustainable financial inclusivity across all social segments in Sri Lanka and Asia.

  • KapitalWise Inc.

    Name of Representative:Sajil Koroth

    KapitalWise Inc. are a no-code platform for customer engagement for financial institutions. KapitalWise helps banks and credit unions to build complex customer engagement workflows to leverage data and improve revenue. All without any coding and using our pre-built AI and customer experience modules.

  • Leveris Ltd

    Name of Representative:Colm Keaveny

    LEVERIS is a fast-growing technology company that has built the first truly modern end-to-end core banking platform for both traditional and challenger banks, as well as consumer brands entering the banking and lending space. Founded in 2016, LEVERIS is headquartered in Dublin with development centres in Prague, Brno and Minsk. The LEVERIS team has extensive experience in financial services, technology and banking – and is imagining a better way to build a bank.

  • Bambu

    Name of Representative:Sean Zhou

    Bambu provides a leading global provider of digital wealth technology for financial institutions. We enable companies to make saving and investing simple and intelligent for their clients. The cloud-based platform is powered by our proprietary algorithms and machine learning tools. The company has over 300,000 end users on the platform in 15 countries. We are working with 18 renowned financial institutions around the globe – HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Franklin Templeton, and more. Founded in 2016 and backed by investors like PEAK6 and Franklin Templeton, Bambu is situated in Singapore with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, the United States and EMEA representatives.

  • Navisteps Pte. Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Ken Tan, Charmaine Lim

    Navisteps Pte. Ltd. is a cloud-based expense management solution tailor-made for businesses to control, track and manage spend efficiently. Smart spending policies, automated receipt tracking, complete analytics and accounting integrations — Navisteps takes care of companies’ pre-accounting processes so they can focus on their business. The software also integrates business travel bookings so that expenses are synced automatically.

  • Niftron (Pvt) Ltd

    Name of Representative:Sharmilan Somasundaram

    Niftron (Pvt) Ltd is a Blockchain as a Service platform that allows organizations and businesses to integrate blockchain with their products or projects easily and effectively to improve trust by providing transparency, security and ownership. Niftron (Pvt) Ltd wants to make the world a better place by improving the trust between two parties(strangers/businesses/applications/new products) by providing transparency, ownership and high security. Once two unknown parties can trust each other easily, they will create new business opportunities and allow the people to interact with the applications/ products/ or individuals in a secure and carefree manner with accountability.

  • Pecutus Technologies Ltd

    Name of Representative:Victor Yip

    Pecutus Technologies Ltd are a Hong Kong incorporated Travel Fintech Company founded and operated by Victor Yip, Edward Leung and Cynthia Cheung. Our company uses machine learning, data analytics, insights in user behaviors and smart devices to achieve the company’s vision and mission. We have developed a seamless digital, self-service and intelligent experience to exchange, transact and store foreign currencies in cash or cashless for international experience, from leisure travels, overseas studies, distributed families and operating businesses. We are rethinking how retail banking and travel money management can take on a new, and more efficient form to deliver the services.

  • Risklio GmbH

    Name of Representative:Stephan Werner

    Risklio GmbH uses AI to connect quantitative financial methods, actuarial mathematics and data in order to extract predictive insights on the cause-effect relationships of market events on financial prices. This methodology is derived from research at the London School of Economics. The product, innovative ‘smart’ data provides context to jumps in asset prices and helps to attach economic costs and benefits to individual events. Smart data is made available to B2B customers via report, dashboard, API and commercial database marketplaces. Financial service providers use smart data for use cases such as portfolio and risk analytics, risk monitoring, stress and exposure testing as well as in systematic and tactical / discretionary trading strategies. B2B3C clients benefit from dedicated dashboard technology that utilizes innovative, UX-optimized financial data visualization.

  • TrinityEco

    Name of Representative:Michael Yiin

    Founded in 2019, TrinityEco Pte Ltd is an aspiring sustainability tech company in Singapore, providing sustainability reporting and green financing products and services for investments firms, businesses and non-profit organizations alike. Over 60% of companies are unable to comply with current sustainability reporting standards/guidelines as it can be expensive, time consuming and inaccurate. The root cause of these issues includes; 1. Poor availability of verified data 2. Limited resources to complete the reports 3. Lack of transparency Started by three partners, TrinityEco is focused on helping SMEs and investors meet increasing ESG demands through fintech and regtech that helps enhance the profile and processes of companies.

  • Uprise Technologies Limited

    Name of Representative:KO, Tha Fung

    Uprise Technologies Limited provides financing and payment solutions to SMEs. Our online payment platform, UprisePay enables merchants to have access to instant capital by using their credit cards to make payments that normally don’t accept cards, such as invoices, rent and salaries. Merchants can also register a free account on our platform to start accepting card and other electronic payment methods like a simplified online POS, saving them the time and cost to install traditional payment devices or integrate with online payment gateways.

  • XQuant

    Name of Representative:Chea Srun

    XQuant is a startup specialized in processing and analyzing unstructured data for Finance. Founded by 3 investment bank executives who have long experience in the financial industry, XQuant currently offers 2 products: TS-Expert (term sheet information extraction) for Back-Office and ESG-Analytix (ESG related information search tool) for financial analysts and fund managers.

  • Yintran Group Holdings Limited

    Name of Representative:SL Robert Liu

    Yintran Group Holdings Limited is a financial technology development company located in Hong Kong, that allows merchants to collect and make payments in HKD. An e-Wallet supported by a network of 20 banks in Hong Kong. An SVF-licensee regulated by HKMA under PSSVFO. We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who come from a diverse background for a common goal of providing people with the convenient, secure and private way to collect and make payments. We hope to bring innovation in payment experience and bring down the barriers of the world.

【2020】 Global Startups (Mobility Course)

  • Autofleet Systems Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Adam Simkin

    Autofleet Systems Ltd. has provided the first ever Vehicle as a Service platform for fleets, optimizing fleets of vehicles to serve any source of demand. The platform enables fleets such as car rental companies, leasing fleets, car sharing platforms, taxi operators, etc. to optimize existing operations and dynamically leverage unutilized vehicles to open new on-demand business models such as ride-hailing/pooling and delivery.The platform leverages advanced machine-learning models to enable fleets to maximize utilization and operational efficiency with their existing pool of vehicle assets.We are active in over 10 countries, optimizing tens of thousands of vehicles, for leading mobility operators such as Avis Budget Group, Zipcar, Keolis, and Suzuki.

  • Coconut Silo

    Name of Representative:Seungyong Kim

    Coconut Silo Co., Ltd. is a logistics/commercial vehicle specialized mobility startup, solving problems in various countries. Coconut Silo has started as Hyundai’s in-house startup, having partners like Mercedes-Benz. Coconut Silo’s one-stop total logistics solution, COCO TRUCK connects whole actors in the logistics market into a single platform. By using it, cargo owners can move their cargoes even if they don’t own trucks. Moreover, it takes just 5 minutes to make a request. For logistics companies and truck drivers, they can move more cargoes and earn money based on various big data features.

  • Crispify

    Name of Representative:Adam Feldman

    Crispify is an innovative air quality monitoring and management system that works to revolutionize the mobility in-cabin user experience. Powered by cloud AI software, it is designed to offer car manufacturers, fleet operators, ride-sharing services, and autonomous mobility services the healthiest ride possible and an exceptional user experience in terms of wellness, comfort, and safety.Crispify two product lines:MaaS – A plug and play device with an online data dashboard for fleet operators of car sharing, car rental and ride-sharing. OEM – Full air quality solution for new cars. Transforming the climate control system into an air quality system.

  • Everledger Ltd

    Name of Representative:Chris Taylor

    Everledger Ltd is the digital technology company for supply chain & lifecycle traceability. Combining blockchain technology with AI and IoT, we create a secure digital record of an asset and its characteristics across its lifetime, to bring greater clarity and confidence to supply chains and product life cycles. Working across industries, in the five years since incorporation, we’ve developed significant expertise in solving complex supply chain challenges, managing multiple stakeholder requirements and navigating the nuances of object identification and tracking.

  • Humanising Autonomy Ltd

    Name of Representative:Patricia La Torre, Yukihiro Yamamoto

    Humanising Autonomy Ltd is a predictive AI company. Our solution captures the full range of pedestrian, cyclists, e-scooter users, and other road user’s behaviours into an intent prediction engine that provides real time predictions and analytics across different environments. As a critical perception application the technology integrates with ADAS, infrastructure and autonomous vehicle systems for real time accident and near miss prevention and also offers cloud based analytics. The company has strong commercial partnerships with major industry players and integrators. Production deals will see Humanising Autonomy’s products deployed in thousand devices over the next years in automotive, manufacturing, and logistics industries.

  • MIMO Motor Pte Ltd

    Name of Representative:Witono Halim

    MIMO Motor Pte Ltd created the world’s first transformable cargo e-scooter. The key distinct feature of the MIMO C1 cargo e-scooter that stands out from all existing solutions out there is the ability to fold into a trolley with the cargo to enter buildings, thus solves the first/last mile delivery.

  • MinervaS s.r.l.

    Name of Representative:Ennio Andrea Adinolfi

    MinervaS srl is a university spin-off that offers solutions for energy and automotive markets. CO2 reduction is the main objective achieved through the optimization of customized energy management strategies. We provide a suite of integrated products for ADAS-based smart & future mobility, suited for any propulsion technology. TruckY is a plug&play patented retrofit solution able to reduce fuel and emissions of heavy-duty vehicles up to 10%. While driving, TruckY processes information about road elevation, payload, speed limits, traffic condition and vehicle characteristics to set the optimal speed for minimum fuel consumption.

  • Ottopia Technologies, Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Amit Rosenzweig

    Ottopia Technologies, Ltd. do teleoperation. We develop and provide all key technologies to control vehicles remotely and safely.Our proprietary platform enables humans to control any type of vehicle remotely, in a manner that is safe and cyber-security. Our customers save lives and save money by deploying our teleoperation platform in their autonomous fleets – trucks, forklifts, shuttles and other types of vehicles. Established in 2018, Ottopia enables fleet owners to solve edge cases in their autonomous vehicles from remote. The result is minimized downtime and no need for an in-vehicle safety driver.

  • Ship&Co

    Name of Representative:Lucas SIMULA

    Ship&Co, is a young innovative company, which develops a software that aggregates all transport operators on a single platform (airport transfer, luggage transport, transport on demand, public transport, bus/train, carpooling…). Mobility back-end as a service, we provide our robust technology in B2B (travel, tourism, cities and mobility providers) so that our partners can deploy their own transport offer to their customers.

  • SOCIF Limited

    Name of Representative:Jason Yuen

    SOCIF Limited is a B2B technology startup specializing in vehicle AIoT solutions such as in-bus lidar-based passenger counting system (PCS), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) service for the passenger transit industry. With SOCIF’s edge computing technology, the cost of implementing large-scale in-vehicle AI solutions is 70% lower than the current market offerings comparatively. SOCIF serves the transportation and logistic sector in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific regions with clients ranging from the governments, property developers, tertiary institutes to fleet operators. In Hong Kong, SOCIF has a strong reference in serving the public transport sector by handling thousands of real-time vehicle data, assisting in city transport and traffic planning, and serving millions of daily passengers as a flexible and specialized vehicle AIoT solution partner.


    Name of Representative:Jakub Kamecki

    TANGI0 LTD. is an IP-driven technology company specializing in touch and pressure sensing and its associated software and manufacturing. We partner with global leaders in the automotive, consumer electronics and gaming sectors, collaborating end-to-end to imagine and deliver innovative new ways for their customers to interact with technology. Our mission is to build effortless, intuitive touch and pressure sensing controls that deliver for our customers and their end users.

  • UrbanChain Group Limited

    Name of Representative:Vitaly Pentegov

    UrbanChain Group Limited develops smart city solutions. Mostly known by it’s app called Parkingbnb which helps drivers find the cheapest and closest available parking considering personal preferences, and provides an e-commerce platform with other car services. Parkingbnb also operates its smart parking management system to help property owners to maximize profits with the help of their in-house AI-driven cameras for car plate recognition, real-time occupancy control, connected to contactless payment.

  • Wise Systems, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Elli Suzuki, James Agan

    Wise Systems provides AI-driven dispatch and routing software that enables the perfect delivery experience. For last-mile operations that want to compete successfully in a dynamic world, our platform continuously improves fleet efficiency, performance, and customer service. Used by some of the world’s largest brands in food, beverage, courier, and field service, our customers typically see 10-15% mileage reductions, a significant increase in fleet utilization, and up to an 80% decrease in late deliveries.

【2020】 Global Startups (Life Science Course)

  • AltumView Systems Inc.

    Name of Representative:Anlin Hu

    AltumView Systems Inc. is a Vancouver-based AI startup expertise in deep learning, computer vision, signal processing, and hardware design. We are developing innovative, intelligent computer vision hardware and software products and solutions for applications such as senior care, security, and telehealth.


    Name of Representative:Jean-Joseph Christophe

    CASIS provides AI based Cardiac imaging analysis solution. The solution supports doctors and physicians to diagnose heart diseases efficiently and effectively by automating quantification of heart functions and detection of parts the problem. Heart diseases are the top of the reasons for death, therefore, innovation in diagnosis and treatment in this field is highly required. We bring AI and easy to use system to hospitals and support doctors to use more time for patients.

  • EyRIS Pte Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Lai Teik Kin

    EyRIS Pte. Ltd. develops and deploys AI Deep Learning System (DLS) in the healthcare industry. DLS, a breakthrough machine learning technology, utilizes representation-learning methods with multiple levels of representation to process natural data in their raw form, recognizing the intricate structure in high-dimensional data. Our first DLS solution performs automated image analysis for eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy with add-on for glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. Through partnership, we are also able to provide tele-ophthalmology services.

  • HealthAssure Pvt Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Varun Gera

    HealthAssure Pvt Ltd. is the largest Primary care and Wellness HMO (Health Management Organization) Tech platform across 1,200 cities in India.We were founded in 2011 by eminent health industry professionals with the objective of addressing in the market gap of fractured primary healthcare experience for individuals. We provide access to 6,500 primary care and wellness centers across 1,200 cities.

  • Lazy Design Private Limited

    Name of Representative:Apoorv Shanka

    Lazy Design Private Limited is a team of Researchers turned Product Designers creating the next generation of Human-Computer interfaces that know what you want making Human phone interaction 700% faster than phone touchscreens. Introducing Aina- a Contextual AI-powered interface in the form of a Smart Ring with a display that shows you the right shortcut you need just before you need it. Designed as an Input device for the Smartphone, it’s the most easy-to-use remote control for almost every daily digital task letting you book cabs, control smart home, presentations, video meetings, activate SOS, and even letting you take phone calls from your fingers.

  • Meracle Pte Ltd

    Name of Representative:Rachel Hong

    Meracle Pte Ltd developed the Whizz, a simple, intuitive and convenient solution to improve the management of chronic respiratory conditions by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to augment the management and assessment of treatment outcomes. The Whizz is the only solution in the market that addresses technique and compliance at the same time, solving the challenges faced by 7 in 10 patients, who struggle with ineffective and inconsistent inhaled medication intake. Through trials, we have shown that the Whizz helped patients overcome these hurdles, leading to reduced symptoms and better quality of life.

  • NeVap Inc

    Name of Representative:Benjamin Wang MD

    NeVap Inc stands for Never Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. NeVap Inc is commercializing the Aspire Subglottic Suction Endotracheal tube, an infection prevention breathing tube designed to make invasive mechanical ventilation safer for patients in the ICU, OR, and Emergency settings.


    Name of Representative:Enrico Di Oto

    OaCP IE LTD provides patented and CE-IVD chemical reagents that reduce times (-97%) and costs (-50%) of DNA tests for cancer diagnosis with applications in the In situ Hybridization market. We take advantage of a distribution network that covers almost 15 countries globally. Driven by a team with complementary skills in Science, Business, Marketing and Communication, We are now looking for an investment and partners to consolidate and expand its market presence.


    Name of Representative:Paolo Colombo

    PLUMESTARS S.R.L. is an innovative SME stemming from a project carried out at the University of Parma, specialized in drug delivery to the lung in the treatment of respiratory diseases. We achieved the orphan status designation and protocol assistance for three products: Amika PS, Hyalcis, Taldo. PlumeStars holds a patented technology, claiming the molecular deposition of fatty acids on drug microparticles applicable to several drugs. In particular, the company focuses on the development of antibiotics to treat lung infections in patients affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

  • Sciar Company Ltd

    Name of Representative:Joel Noutere

    Sciar has developed one of the most advanced digital lab assistants that can prevent human errors in laboratory work, automate documentation and increase efficiency! Sciar’s product composes of cloud-based data storage that acts as a hub for all your scientific data and of a mobile application that is used during the labwork and used to document the workflow with unseen accuracy! The mobile device can be a mobile phone, tablet or Augmented Reality Smart Glasses that make the User Interface one the most advanced, futuristic and easy to use in all different environments

  • WISE Srl

    Name of Representative:Luca Ravagnan

    WISE Srl is a medical device company developing a genuinely new generation of Neuromonitoring and neuromodulation leads by means of its proprietary Supersonic technology. Neuromonitoring and neuromodulation require electrodes and leads to be surgically implanted in neural tissues (as for instance the brain and the spinal cord) to apply electrical stimuli or to record the electrical activity. The leads produced using WISE’s proprietary Supersonic technology consist of stretchable electronic circuits integrated in very thin elastomeric foils. As a result, WISE’s electrodes are highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin, thus allowing great adhesion, minimal invasiveness and excellent adaptability on neural tissues.