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European Conference Course Selected Companies

  • AMATELUS Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:SHINYA SHIMOJO

    SwipeVideo is a proprietary patented software that allows you to live-stream or archive stream multi-angle video over any web browser. With SwipeVideo you give control over the direction of the content to the viewer, increasing engagement by providing a totally new video viewing experience.

  • Innophys Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Daigo Orihara

    We are a world leading assist suit manufacturer from Japan.
    “Muscle Suit” is a lower back support assist suit which has been sold over 20,000 units in the world, this figure means it is the best seller exoskeleton assist suit in the world (internal research). From lightening the load on your back at work, to helping with daily labor-intensive activities.Since it does not need any electricity, worker can use the product even outside situation.In France, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, this product has been on sale via local distributors. In other areas, we are highly looking for distribution partners.

  • APB Corporation

    Name of Representative:Hideaki Horie

    APB Corporation, a Japanese start up, is the worldwide innovative Li-Ion Battery, All Polymer Battery (APB), manufacturer,APB is bipolarly structured, large-size 2nd gen Li-ion batteries that offer a unique solution for utilities, IPP, T&D, other network players and EPC. APB offers high reliability. Current collectors are made from resin and bring low risk of fire or explosion. Other benefits are higher energy density and shortened manufacturing time.
    Further, APB Corporation is not only a battery supplier. In order to build the social infrastructure rooted in each region of the world, we will establish a global position by partnering with entrepreneurs and investors around the world who share our vision and have the noble business sense and the future strategy

  • Empath Inc.

    Name of Representative:Takaaki Shimoji

    Empath is Emotion & Conversation AI, which can identify emotions and conversational behaviors from the voice. Our technology has been adopted by 2,800 developers over 50 countries mainly in contact center industries. In the contact center, our AI has been utilized to improve customer satisfaction,quality assurance, operators’ retention rate, and sales rate.

  • TBM Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Yamasaki Nobuyoshi

    TBM is specialized in development, manufacturing, and sales of LIMEX®, a new environmental material mainly made from limestone, to be paper and plastic alternatives.
    LIMEX is recyclable, and it also can solve the plastic waste issues, resource depletion and various environmental issues.
    TBM aims to spread their business by fabless model with partners in each region.

  • Net Smile, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Saito Yoshimitsu

    Net Smile Inc. is a leading provider of Digital transformation/Digital Innovation (DX/DI) solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify and assist with work that was thought to be possible only by humans. With the mission of “creating artificial intelligence that thinks like a human being,” Net Smile aims to create an AI that will grow with people while helping them in case of trouble. Net Smile, Inc. has developed a technology that can read complex invoices, order forms, and even healthcare documents. It’s called AIScanRobo® and it can convert images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into Comma-separated values (CSV), whether from a scanned page, PDF, a photo, or an image. Comments from clients such as Nestle Japan have claimed that they are highly satisfied with the overall usability, accuracy, and savings AIScanRobo® has to offer. Net Smile’s mission is not to achieve 100% accuracy. But, AI is expected to learn complex business processes in which even human beings make mistakes. With Net Smile, rather than pursuing 100% accuracy from the beginning, a human-like AI that incorporates mistakes to the same extent that would arise artificially is introduced. “Training” the AI then improves its accuracy and results in the reduction of total costs.


    Name of Representative:Kenshin Fujiwara

    HACARUS INC, founded 2014 in Kyoto, Japan is the leading provider of Explainable Lightweight AI Tools, backed by Osaka Gas and Miyako Capital (Kyoto University) among others. Its solutions are used in the Medical field to enable humans to make better, faster and more reliable decisions, based on AI driven insights. HACARUS’ proprietary AI engine is built using Sparse Modeling, an AI method that understands data like a human would – by its unique key features and is far more resource, time and energy efficient when compared to Deep Learning.

  • Biodata Bank, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Takeshi Anzai

    Biodata bank, Inc is R&D and manufacturer of products and solutions related to core body temperature using innovative sensor technologies.
    Our flagship product is Heat Warning Watch ™ a smart band that embeds our innovative sensor based on a unique technology to continuously assess the amount of heat accumulated and dissipated by the body and alert the user of a heat risk.

  • Preferred Networks Inc.

    Name of Representative:Toru Nishikawa

    Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN) is a technology company with the mission to make the real world computable by applying deep learning and other advanced technologies to solve difficult real-world problems. PFN focuses on the use of deep learning in various fields, including the three key business domains of transportation systems, manufacturing, and healthcare.

  • Yukai Engineering Inc.

    Name of Representative:Shunsuke Aoki

    With the vision of making “robotics for fun living,” Yukai Engineering is a robotics venture that develops and sells unique products for everyday life, including the family communication robot “BOCCO emo,” the therapeutic cushion robot with a tail “Qoobo,” and the educational robotics series “kurikit.”

  • Tenchijin Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yasuhito Sakuraba

    Tenchijin provides the Land Evaluation Engine by using satellite data, ground data and human knowledge, which supports to find best place for agriculture, real estate etc. and also to find potential of each place and make effective use of them. One of JAXA(Japanese Space Agency) certified venture company and awarded at S-booster 2018.

  • Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Gajan Mohanarajah

    Rapyuta Robotics is a cloud robotics platform company founded as a spin-off of ETH Zurich.
    Through – our next-generation cloud robotics platform – as well as our domain-specific robotics solutions such as the collaborative picking assistance ‘AMR’ robots, we support DX in the logistics and manufacturing segments.

  • One Act, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yusuke Asano

    One Act Inc. develops and operates the web service “PieceX”, the world’s first source code marketplace with dynamic pricing by AI.
    By trading software components on a global scale, PieceX allows Seller companies to earn new income from the source code itself and Buyer companies to save 80% and more on software development time and costs by purchasing guaranteed, ready-to-use source codes.
    PieceX creates a new infrastructure where anyone in the world can rapidly develop new services.

Shenzhen Conference Course Selected Companies

  • Arachnoforce

    Name of Representative:Kenji Honda

    ArachnoForce’s SPIDAR series are wire-driven 6-DOF force presentation devices. The system consists of wires, pulleys and DC motors. SPIDAR can significantly reduce inertia due to the light weight of the operation part and can realize extremely accurate force sense presentation.

  • Water X Technologies Corporation

    Name of Representative:Yuji Nakayama

    We have developed a new bidet toilet seat that eliminates the need for toilet paper. The unique technology allows you to wash and dry your areas comfortably without using paper. By spreading this product around the world, we will provide a more hygiene environment in places where paper cannot be flushed in the toilet as well as create a world where no more forests are cut down to make paper.

  • Kiara Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yuta Takahashi

    We have developed more than 100 APIs for natural language processing in order to improve the efficiency of office work using AI. The most representative one is Kiara translation. Our goal is to create a system that users can use to bring up a wide variety of APIs as needed. Taking advantage of our multilingual capabilities, we are planning to make partnership with worldwide IT giants and to provide our service to global customers.

  • GROOVE X, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Kaname Hayashi

    LOVOT, developed by GROOVE X, is a love nurturing family-type pet robot. Unlike conventional robots which aim to enhance productivity, LOVOT aims to make humans happier, tickling your sense of love, filling you with warmth and happiness, and giving you the energy to face your life ahead.

  • Zenport Inc.

    Name of Representative:Fumiyuki Ota

    Zenport is an open platform for agile global supply chain management that bridges business operations across borders. Out of all the complex flows of the global supply chain, Zenport uniquely focuses on international, inter-company communications. This is an insight that provides a simple, standardized open platform for industry. A patent has been granted. Currently, our service is halving communications for cross-border businesses, especially those with a large number of products, such as apparel and lifestyle products.

  • nanolux co. ltd.

    Name of Representative:Motoshi Sobue

    Nanolux will pioneer a new field with the innovative “glare-free fundus camera”. Fundus imaging is an indispensable measurement for early detection of life-related diseases, e.g., hyper tension and arteriosclerosis., because it is the only means to observe the arterial condition directly. Delay in disease detection will cause significant impact to our healthy life and expenditure. Nanolux will implement the unique “glare-free” infrared color technology in the fundus camera that allows the patient to take a fundus image without going to the hospital.


    Name of Representative:Adrian Sossna

    AI Powered Inspection – enabling superior results, even with limited training data. Based on our proprietary AI technology, SPECTRO delivers faster and more accurate results, even with small amounts of training data. Where traditional AVI / AOI systems are prone to false positives, SPECTRO excels and enables factory automation by vastly reducing the amount of reclassification needed by human inspectors.

  • panda vision, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Atsushi Sano

    We will distribute our IP, Tokyo Gaming Girls, as anime, manga(comic), and games in China. We will develop it as an ACG business. Develop the original with a Chinese manga app, along with manga animation on video platforms such as Bilibili. It will be distributed as an app game in the Wechat mini program in China as a casual game when a certain number of fans gather. We consider games to be the main source of revenue.

  • PJP Eye LTD.

    Name of Representative:Inketsu Okina

    We are the producer of cotton-based carbon batteries that charge 10 times faster and last more than 10 years.

  • Medifellow Inc

    Name of Representative:Udai Ikeda

    Utilizing the network and know-how of highly specialized medical institutions, we provide an online second opinion service for all medical departments for Chinese patients.